Interview: James Roday – 6.25.09

FreeJohnnyDare June 25, 2009 13

You know James Roday from the hit USA series, “Psych,” where he pretends to be psychic…The show is going into its fourth season, and the star of the show joins the morning show to discuss it. And believe it or not, he lets us talk to his girlfriend, who he claims is “made out of sunshine.”


  • Alicia and Cassie Mc Bino

    OMG!!!!!!!! James Roday and Maggie Lawson are the bestest people in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    AWWWWWWW!!! I love those too on and off screen!!! They are amazing together and they have incredible chemistry…I think that they are going to stay together for a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME!!! Yay!!!! I love Psych too of course, but I mainly watch it because of them!!! =)

  • Tobie

    This interview is AWESOME!! they keep their relationship so under-wraps that i never realized how serious they were getting. they sound very happy and in love. such a cute couple! love the interview!

  • Lucy

    I’ve been looking for an interview like that for ages! So worth it, so sweet. lol They’re awesome together!

  • Shari

    So this just made my day. I love them. I want to meet James Roday sooo badly. And they are really adorable together. Now let’s just get their characters together in the show.

  • Kari

    It’s so nice to see a celebrity couple that’s stable and functional. They’re adorable and they sound so happy together. I only hope their characters can follow their lead! :)

  • Kendall

    OMG!!!! James and Maggie are sooooo cute together!!!! I really hope they end up together on the show too.

  • Alicia and Cassie Mc Bino

    We love that she’s at his house early before a full date of shooting.

  • lavendar gooms

    huh, it doesn’t even sound like james…it’s weird. but, fun interview!!! :)

  • Melissa

    it does sound like him at moments and it has his humor, but it could be because he’s tired, but very nice to see a hollyweird couple making it.

  • Emma

    I love them they are awesome. I can not help myself I Feel like jumping up and down.

  • PR

    James Roday and Maggie Lawson are awesome actors, and fantastic as a couple! The radio host, however is a chauvinistic idiot.

  • danhoch

    great interview….I wish John and Maggie the best and hope all works out for them.