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t’s not just Tiger Woods and Chris Brown that have had their lives ruined by texting, it’s 25% of the entire population and 50% of Generation Y. Don’t be next!

How Does Private Bryan Protect You?

  • Texts don’t come in at the wrong time
    News alerts are delivered to your phone first. Reply to alerts with your PIN to get the real text.
  • Your phone number remains private
    Your phone number is never used. Texts and calls are made to your username.
  • Reply texts don’t display your phone number
    Keeps your identity private.
  • Calls don’t come in at the wrong time
    Audio news alerts are delivered to your phone first. Just enter your PIN for a direct connection.
  • Voicemails are left in your secure online inbox
    Don’t have personal messages left on your phone.
  • You stop acting suspicious around your phone
    Relax knowing you’re protected.

With a Private Bryan Club Membership, you receive 100 Private Texts each month along with 100 minutes of Private Calling. You’ll also have access to Bryan’s blog, to keep you up to date on the latest privacy issues.

As low as $14.99 per month, Private Bryan may be the best investment you ever make.