Interview: Shaun Morgan – Seether Frontman, Ready for the Low Dough Show! 9.3.10

FreeJohnnyDare September 3, 2010 5

Lead singer/guitarist for Seether, one of the best bands around.


  • Connie Lee Franchini

    Hey thanks for the great interview Johnny. Shaun is shit hot hilarious and one of the coolest dudes I know. Effin’ great & SEETHER ROCKS!! I’ve actually seen Shaun ‘dressed up’ before on prank nights on tour. The very best prank night hands down was when he gave Chad Krueger a placid dildo during final show in Tampa, Fla last year. CANNOT WAIT UNTIL SEETHER’s NEW RELEASE is finally released. If I am on air then it will def get constant play time. Thanks to you both for keepin’ it real.

    Musically yours,

  • Alisha

    How come this has no replies? This has to be the best interview I’ve heard in my life. EVER. xD

  • Nikki

    Awww memories! :)
    Best interview I’ve ever heard too!! Please, dont ever remove it from this page!!
    Alisha and Connie, you both rock! Yay to our boys, YAY for NEW SEETHER!!!

  • Bill

    Sad thing is that they didn’t play any new music. Not bummed, Seether is amazing and I’m fine with the old stuff, but dang it it’s been since 2007!

  • Lunatalia

    Ohhhhh Seether is baaaack!!! 😀 this are the most crazy and cool dudes out there. I’m waiting for Holding on to Strings Better Left to Fray!!! XD