Hope for the Holidays – Nichole 12.19.13

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Dear Johnny,


I first of all want to say how humbled I am to be writing this letter in the first place I feel like I have some way failed at my job as a mother by not being able to provide all of the necessities for my kids on my own. I have amazing kids that is my whole world and this last couple years have been rough ones going through a divorce and getting back into the workforce after being a stay at home mom they have made many sacrifices and shown me what amazing people they are. I am struggling to get my utilities caught up and my car has the wrong tags on it because I can’t afford to get it tagged. So needless to say there will not be a Christmas this year because I have to make sure I have a legal car and utilities first. My 9 year old has a developmental delay that causes him to not speak at all and his school has been using an assistive device for him to push a picture to communicate for him and they want us to get one for home and that is not something I am able to do and I feel like I am failing him and not giving him the equipment and advantages to become the most that he can. I am sure there are more deserving people out there who have more struggles and I hope they all find the hope and help this holiday season, Thank you so much for your time in reading this letter it helped to just get these things off my chest God Bless you and the people of Kansas City for making such a impact on those families in need.






How We Helped: Paid Electric, Gas, & Rent, iPad & app For Kid, Gift Cards Groceries


Who Helped: Cosentino’s, Amanda, Cameron, Rob, Diana,

Ronnie W/ Ted’s Trash Service

  • Jon Summerskill

    This is not the call from Nicole, it is the call for Tammy. Would you please upload the correct one. Nicole is my sister and I would like to listen to it.