The Show


(left to right: Jake the Phone Snake, Happy Face, Johnny Dare, T Bone, Gregg)

Johnny Dare

Captain of the ship, driver of the short bus, leader of the pack… Living proof that you don’t need a High School diploma to succeed in radio… all you need is drive, determination, and a REALLY twisted outlook on life. Lesbians, Harleys, Midget Porn… this is Johnny’s world… welcome to it.

Jake the Phone Snake

the prodigal son returned to the show after 5 years in Hollywood following the dream that so many others chase… that of working part-time in a hardware store. He spent his days in the California sun auditioning, hooking for pocket change and appearing in “Anchorman” for 2 minutes… but now he’s back to answer the phones, book the guests, report the traffic… and hook for pocket change. The more things change, the more they stay the same. He’s Jake Jake the Phone Snake.


danger Boy, Chronic Masturbator, Wrasslin’ addicted Man-Child… keeps the wheels on the bus going ’round and ’round… a porn title idiot savant… if they filmed it, he’s seen it… He’s been Tazered, nearly stomped by a raging bull and drank his own urine… all for the good of the show… he’s not bright, but we love him.


The man of somewhat less than a thousand voices… parody song freak… Tattooed Beat Messiah… raised by a pack of wild dogs and sold into indentured servitude to the Peking Opera at age 5… well, not really… it’s just that the real story was lame… Has known Johnny since age 15… which may explain the mental scars.